Pacquiao Damages Orbital Bone of Margarito. Surgery Required

antonio margarito

As if his loss to one of the greatest fighters of all time isn’t enough, Antonio “the Tijuana Tornado” Margarito is set to undergo a surgery after he broke his orbital bone. Manny Pacquiao creamed Margarito and claimed his 8th title belt in 8 different weight divisions, a feat that is unrivaled in all of boxing history.

It is always a must for boxing fighters to go to the hospital to be checked after every fight especially if they were badly beaten by their opponents to ensure that they did not sustain wounds that would bring more damage to them. Margarito had himself checked at the hospital and was scheduled for an operation his fractured orbital bone. The orbital bone is the socket in the skull where the eye and its appendages are located.

Boxing fans from all over the world can’t help but think that if Margarito’s corner stopped the fight the moment they saw that he couldn’t possibly win, Margarito would have had better chances of fighting another fighter again. As what Manny’s trainer Fred Roach said, Margarito’s fight against Pacquiao made his sustain blows he could have spared himself from. Margarito on the other hand wanted to finish the fight as is the tradition for Mexican fighters. But Pacquiao really creamed him and even asked the referee a couple of times to check Margarito’s eyes because Manny didn’t want to damage Margarito permanently.

Is Margarito’s career seeing an end already? After serving his ban in the boxing ring for allegedly cheating in his last figh, this fight with Manny was his first comeback. Will this be the end of Margarito? Time will tell.

Manny “PACMAN” Pacquiao Wins On 2nd round Over Hatton


Manny Pacman Pacquiao made it again at Nevada, Las Vegas MGM Grand Casino, during the first round Hatton fell down twice second was Saved by the bell, And on the Second Round Manny i think he decided to finished the game with his Left Arm Punch! Hatton was second round Knocked out. The most awaited game of the year has now ended and Pacman Once Again Proved that despite of everything he will do again for his Nation, CONGRATULATIONS Manny Pacman, Filipinos is so proud of you!

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